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The Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) sets out a standard format for inspection of offshore vessels.  Its use helps promote safety and efficiency and can help reduce the number of repeat inspections.

This CMID Database website facilitates sharing of completed CMID reports between vessel operators and their clients, with an e-CMID application available for inspectors to complete and upload their reports in a common format.  Registration is open to those organisations operating offshore vessels, their clients and vessel inspectors, both non-members and IMCA member companies alike. Registration and use of the database is free to all users.

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eCMID Issue 10
IMCA has issued eCMID version 10 to address an element of misinterpretation of one of the questions in IMCA M 149 – Common Marine Inspection Document.  The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) contacted IMCA to report that a number of vessels had been incorrectly interpreting the guidance at question 12.2 of the eCMID, regarding the mitigation measures to be taken to avoid the inadvertent opening of emergency bilge suction valves.  This guidance stated the following:
Bilge overboard valves should be suitably marked.  Specific warning notices should be posted to safeguard against the accidental opening of bilge overboard discharge valves.  Valves should be lashed and sealed.
Regrettably some vessel crews were interpreting this guidance to imply that chains or fixed iron bars should be used to make the opening of such valves impossible.  This was of course not the intention of the guidance, however IMCA recognises that such an important issue must be addressed swiftly.  Hence the guidance has been adjusted to read as follows:
Emergency bilge suction valves should be suitably marked and specific warning notices posted to safeguard against the accidental opening.  They can also be fitted with a visible tag which does not prevent the operation of the valve.
Any further information on this or any other aspect of the eCMID can be addressed to IMCA, for attention of Chris Baldwin, at the email address below.

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